Very interesting analysis, must read

Some Muslims are narrow-minded while others are liberals. Where are the moderate Muslims and who are they?

The narrow-minded Muslims think they are the only genuinely good people living in this world. They acknowledge that others can be good too, but not completely good. They believe that it’s a part of their commitment to faith that they should believe that God hates non-Muslims so much that He will roast them in the fire of hell forever. And they don’t want to discuss their religious views with an open mind.

The liberal Muslims have a wish-list of what they think a good religion should be and they believe Islam satisfies all expectations of that list. Anything quoted against their view of Islam from Quran and Hadith is rejected as misquotation or misinterpretation. They don’t want to discuss their religious views with an open mind either.

A moderate Muslim is the one who is making an earnest attempt to understand Islam, listening to and reading from different sources. He is prepared to change his views in the wake of new, more convincing evidence on religion. He knows that Islam is rational but he also knows that Islam has to be honestly understood from the Quran and Sunnah. He is prepared to listen to other views and is not hesitant in changing his views if he finds them not convincing in the light of what the Quran says. This world in general and Muslim Ummah in particular need more and more moderate Muslims.

اگر کوئی سوال آپ پوچھنا چاہیں تو یہاں لکھ کر پوسٹ کر دیں۔ اپنی رائےیا تجویز سے مجھے آگاہ فرمانا چاہیں تو یہاں لکھ کر پوسٹ کر دیں میں انشاءاللہ جلد از جلد آپ سے رابطہ کروں گا۔

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